Easy Indoor Herb Gardening

Grow your favorite herbs indoors, year round! Learn how to grow herbs in your kitchen.

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Have you ever run out of fresh herbs right in the middle of cooking a special meal?

Now, you can learn how to grow your very own organic herbs right in your kitchen and always have fresh, tasty herbs to use in all your gourmet dishes.

Learn in just two hours with EASY INDOOR HERB GARDENING

Why not learn how to grow your very own fresh, organic herbs right at home?

With the Easy Indoor Herb Gardening Course, you’ll learn to:
  • Find the best spot in your home to grow an indoor herb garden
  • Choose herbs that grow best indoors
  • Feed, nurture and water your little herb garden so that it thrives
  • Use hydroponic techniques for soil-less gardening
  • Save, dry, and store extra herbs (so much fresher than dried herbs from the store!)

What Students Are Saying

"Beautiful program! I had a few minutes this morning to watch another video, and LOVED it. I'm so excited for folks to find your classes." Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB, The Catholic Gardener.

"Easy Indoor Herb Gardening is a perfect course for complete newbies and more experienced gardeners alike. Jeanne does an amazing job of explaining everything you need to know and things you didn’t know you needed to know! It’s just fantastic." Kathleen Marshall, Master Gardener, Self Sufficiency Expert

With EASY INDOOR HERB GARDENING, you will master the basics of indoor gardening in just under 2 hours. Everything from selecting herb plants for an indoor herb garden to how to water, when to water, what soil to use, and how to choose healthy plants is covered in this course.

If you’re new to growing plants or you kill plastic plants, this course is for you!

  • MASTER a new hobby
  • ENJOY the HEALTH BENEFITS of fresh herbs
  • GROW your very own fresh ingredients in your home
  • NEVER worry about running out of herbs again

The Easy Indoor Herb Gardening course is a digital product that includes:

  • FIVE VIDEOS available on-demand, 24/7, covering everything from what is an herb to light, soil, water, and fertilizer requirements
  • A DIGITAL TEXTBOOK (e-book) to read and refer to after completing the videos
  • CULINARY HERB chart - printable chart of herbs to use in each dish to print and hang in your kitchen
The global pandemic has made everyone more cautious about casual shopping, including quick grocery store trips that we used to think nothing about. And, many people have discovered during this new time of introspection and reflection a craving to nurture growing, living things.

Indoor plants are ideal for any environment - a small apartment or home, a condo, or even a mobile home. Growing your very own edible plants enables you to enjoy the freshest, healthiest ingredients no matter where you live.


  • Sipping a soothing cup of mint tea from mints grown two feet from the table?
  • Crafting adorable toy mice for your cat with fresh dried catnip you grew just for her?
  • Sprinkling basil and oregano grown right in your kitchen on a homemade pizza steaming hot from the oven?
  • Snipping fresh chives right at the table for your family to sprinkle on their baked potatoes?
  • Reaching into the cupboard for dried herbs and knowing they came not from some factory, but from your own loving hands?

  1. Which herbs can I grow more easily than others inside your home
  2. How to choose healthy plants at the garden center
  3. Why it’s important to use specific techniques when watering
  4. How to increase the humidity around your little herb plant nursery
  5. Which soil to choose and why
  6. Which fertilizers to use (and why)
  7. How to tell if you have enough natural sunlight to grow herbs in your home, and what to do if you don’t
  8. What bad bugs look like on an herb plant
  9. How to clean pots and containers so they don’t spread diseases to your herb plants
  10. Ways to make herb plants grow strong and healthy
  11. Safe, easy, and natural ways to get rid of bad bugs that infect your plants
  12. Simple, low-cost methods of drying and storing herbs
  13. Basics of hydroponic (soil-less) gardening
  14. Specific instructions for growing many popular herbs such as mint, basil, and more

What an incredible value!

  • 5 video lessons ($100 value)
  • Full color e-book ($25 value)
  • Printable plant sheets and gourmet herb chart ($25 value)

A total of $150 worth of products all for just $47!


Here's what you'll learn in Easy Indoor Herb Gardening

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Your Instructor

Jeanne Grunert
Jeanne Grunert

Jeanne Grunert is a certified Master Gardener and gardening book author with a lifelong love of gardening, herbalism, and all things green and growing. Jeanne grew up in a gardening family and learned how to grow all types of vegetables and flowers from her father, neighbors, and older sister. Later, she was the marketing manager for Martin Viette Nurseries, one of the top 10 nursery and garden centers in the USA, as well as the Ask the Expert columnist for Virginia Gardener magazine. She is the author of the popular book, Plan and Build a Raised Bed Garden, and runs Home Garden Joy, a blog dedicated to kitchen gardening (growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs). Jeanne lives and works on a 17-acre farm near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, John, seven cats, and a very spoiled German shepherd dog. She holds an M.A. in Writing and M.S. in Direct and Digital Marketing and is a Certified Adult Educator from New York State BOCES.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?
- People who kill plastic plants - anyone who has never grown anything indoors or outdoors but wants to learn how to keep plants alive - New herb growers who may have grown house plants but not herbs - Home cooks and amateur chefs who value the freshest, tastiest ingredients - Anyone looking to add beautiful, fresh herbs to their indoor gardens for health, beauty, and enjoyment
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What is your refund policy?
Because this is a digital product with downloadable materials, we do not offer refunds.
I've heard that herbs are really hard to grow indoors. Is this true?
Most people who have found it hard to grow indoors struggle because they don’t understand the unique requirements for light, soil, water and more of their herb plants. With this course, I’ll teach you the basics so your chances of success are greatly improved.
Will this course teach me how to use herbs medicinally?
No, this course does not include medicinal uses of herbs, although I do mention some of them. You can, however, use all of the information shared in this course to grow some medicinal herbs indoors.
What's the big deal about growing my own herbs? I can just buy them at the store.
Top chefs including Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck, and Julia Child all recommend cooking with fresh herbs whenever possible. The taste difference between dried herbs and freshly picked herbs is astonishing. Most herbs purchased at the grocery store in tins or jars are several months, if not years, away from the field. Dried, irradiated herbs lose much of the essential oils that give them their taste and flavor. When you grow your own indoor herbs, you’ll always have fresh herbs immediately at hand to add to your recipes. The taste difference will amaze you!
I’ve grown house plants. Why do I need this course if I want to grow herbs?
Growing herbs requires different knowledge and skills than other house plants. Plus, this course includes helpful information on how to store and dry herbs for future use.

IMAGINE where you might be a month from now if you take this course.

There you are, at the stove, whipping up a gourmet tomato sauce for your signature lasagna. You lean over and casually pluck leaves from the Genovese basil plant flourishing on your windowsill, then add a dash of fresh oregano. The heavenly scent of fresh herbs fills the kitchen as you breathe in the sweet smell of success from your indoor herb garden.

DON’T WAIT! This course is open to a select number of people until April 25, 2021. After that, the price will jump to $49. Enroll now for a lifetime of access and lock in this low, one-time-only price!

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